JAWBOX – Live At Metro Chicago 2019 2xLP is now available

Jawbox. Live. Two words that stand for a perfect match. At the time the band announced its re-union on the occasion of playing a handful of shows across the US in 2019, it turned out to be overwhelming news for fans and friends of the milestone band that still has a huge influence on the independent music scene of the Dischord cosmos in the D.C. area, listened to worldwide. A lot of fans actually never had got the chance to see Jawbox live back when the band was together, including – as I must confess – myself. So there was something I had to make good for: I traveled to the US and went to see the band perform at Brooklyn Steel in New York City on June 22nd 2019, together with my wonderful wife. An evening we had the joy to spend with countless friends and fans, all celebrating the return of their favorite band together, many of them with tears in their eyes – yes, including myself.

For the release of a live album, the band has chosen the recordings from their show in Chicago. I really mean it: This is the best live record I have heard. Besides the amazing playing, it sounds brilliant, but live and raw. You can hear and feel the joy and the energy of a rock band on its first tour in more than 20 years. No frills, no knick-knack, just a thrilling live show by one of your favorite bands. Enough reasons to make this record a must-have.

When Jawbox decided to disband in 1997, one of the most important bands for us the called it quits. Several follow-up-projects have been initiated by some of the band members during the years, plus some other issues made us sure: Jawbox are history, a re-union is never going to happen. While having the honor to make (re-)releases of records by Jawbox related bands such as Burning Airlines, Channels, Office of Future Plans, Camorra, Report Suspicious Activity, Foxhall Stacks, New Freedom Sound, and furthermore, the vinyl 2xLP re-issue of the Jawbox album My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents, become reality, we also had the pleasure to become friends with J. Robbins and other members in the band. As for the likeliness of a Jawbox re-union, I am very glad we all have been proven wrong.
-Frederic (Arctic Rodeo)

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