AdamRubenstein_Foto01_kleinD“When we were making plans for our reunion tour, the subject was raised as to whether we should anticipate a live album, and at the time, our hands being otherwise full enough, we decided to record whatever we could and decide later, if and when there was ever time or inclination to run through it all. Then COVID-19 erupted, and we found ourselves with some extra time on our hands and used some of it to review the shows.

In the end we decided on Chicago. It was the last stop on the tour, and for us has always been a kind of touring home-away-from-home, a city we as a band always held close for its friendship, talent, like-mindedness, and heart.

We were hot those nights, wrapping up two months of shows and a year of rehearsals. Some of the songs might show a bit of over-elation, some a bit of strain, but in the end these are the performances we felt best represented what we had to offer throughout the tour, and what you, the audience, could coax from us for our mutual benefit

So we hope you enjoy it. There are many people to thank for their contributions and assistance along the way, but for the purposes of these notes, we’ll just say our friends and family, without whom we would surely not have made it to the Metro or any other stage in 2019.

And, of course, Thank you.”


Arctic Rodeo releases:
JAWBOX – album “Live At Metro Chicago 2019” – 2xLP (arr090)
JAWBOX – album “My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents” – 2xLP+CD (arr056)