US / overseas shipping issues

Due to extraordinary circumstances, our friends and customers who have purchased the new CHAMBERLAIN album Red Weather from overseas have been confronted with incredible delays in the deliveries of their orders and very long delivery times, for which we would like to apologize again. We know that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, overseas shipments by our economy services had to be transported by seaway, which means that order sent by these shipping services are currently NOT sent via air mail. It can take overseas orders several weeks to arrive, especially those going to the US. However, even 3 months after all orders have been shipped, many of them still have not arrived until today, or even worse, have not even been scanned by USPS so there are no results when tracking parcels.

We have been in touch with the German Postal Service in order to sort this, finally receiving the information that there are huge problems at USPS in processing tons of shipments from all over the world to the US. This means we are not the only ones, and the German Postal Service has put immense pressure on USPS to take care of solving this issue a.s.a.p. The response by the top management from USPS to the questions sent by the managers of the German Postal Service: “We do have a backlog at NJ NDC, which processes all inbound surface parcels […]. Currently they have a delay of approximately 250,000.”

This explains it all. We are shocked and relieved at the same time since this means that parcels did not get lost on one hand, but on the other hand, this huge amount of un-processed parcels leaves us speechless.

This messed up situation made us draw consequences: As long as USPS is not able to sort out these problems an parcels are shipped via seaway, we will offer this economy shipping option anymore. Other shipping options we offer are a little more expensive, but very quick and reliable. We want to make sure you receive you orders as quickly and as safe as possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if there are any questions regarding shipping or any other topics. Thanks again so much for your understanding, your patience and your support.

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