GARRISON – new album TV Or The Atom Bomb out now

Running Arctic Rodeo has always been about more than about music. It is about sharing passion, about friendship, about being and staying connected. Since we released the latest album by God Fires Man from from New York City, we are friends with Joseph Grillo, and we appreciate his trust in us in regards of releasing music, projects and bands he is involved with since then – God Fires Man, I Hate Our Freedom, Garrison, and hopefully more to come.

We are big fans Garrison from Boston for a long time. They have released two fantastic albums on Revelation Records back when they were around, plus several EPs, singles and compilation tracks. They worked with Kurt Ballou, Andrew Schneider and J. Robbins. A lot of their non-album releases are hard to find or have never been released. There are a lot of such raritities and unreleased songs..

Garrison’s new compilation TV Or The Atom Bomb collects b-sides, singles and rarities recorded over the x- year length of the band’s career from 1996 to 2004. As they relentlessly toured the United States and Europe, the band defined and refined the duality first suggested as they cast about for names: simplicity vs. structure; emotion vs. aggression. Songs like “Twenty-Four”, off the band’s initial demo – later released as a 7” by Boston’s Espo Records – evoke Garrison’s fondness for the brainy heft of Drive Like Jehu’s post-hardcore. “The Only One,” from their 2003 EP The Model, infuses layered shoegaze guitar favored by Swervedriver with heart-on-sleeve emotion.

Out now on all digital platforms and on colored vinyl, limited to 300 copies and including a 6 page folded booklet.

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