Arctic Rodeo charity auctions to raise money for “Doctors Without Borders”

aisha-eu-print-12x18Okay folks, it’s time to do it again. Considering all the hard work that needs to be done in West Africa and all the help that’s so urgently needed to fight the Ebola crisis, we think it is the right time to start another run of charity auctions. We had set up charity acutions last year to raise money for typhoon victims in the Phillipines, and now another catastrophe takes so many lives. And like so many times, we are super frustrated to see our governments wasting most of our money on all kinds of useless nonsense instead of helping all these people in West Africa to survive and supporting the skilled health personell that helps all the infected people on a volunteer and non profit basis. The people helping down there are the biggest heroes of our time, and they need our help and support.

Intending to raise as much money as possible, we decided put up start charity auctions at ebay next week. We are going to sell vinyl test pressings of several records we have released on Arctic Rodeo. All profit made with these auctions will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Arctic Rodeo normally does not sell test pressings. After having done this once or twice in the past – at normal prices after people had asked us for a copy for their personal record collection – and realizing that it does not feel right to make money by selling a white labeled record which is actually not made for being sold, we stopped doing this and have never done it again. We have been asked for test pressings very often during the past years, and people offered us a lot of money which we did not accept. You may now please spend a lot of money for purchasing those test pressings for a good cause. We are even kindly asking you to do so and help the people in West Africa.

We are going to offer test pressings of records from artists such as Ox, Walter Schreifels (Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Walking Concert), Jonathan Inc., I Is Another (feat. members of Rival Schools, Burn, Die 116, Far, New End Original, Onelinedrawing, Gratitude), Far, Adam Rubenstein (Split Lip, Chamberlain), I Hate Our Freedom (feat. members of Garrison, Texas Is The Reason, Thursday), Juta, Walking Concert (feat. members of Quicksand, Rival Schools, Bold), Burning Airlines (feat. members of Office Of Future Plans, Jawbox, Channels), Horace Pinker, Vs.Rome, Atlantic/Pacific (feat. members of Texas Is The Reason, House & Parish, Solea), Retisonic (feat. members of Bluetip, Swiz, Red Hare, Sweetbelly Freakdown, Garden Variety, J Majesty, Vs.Antelope), Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams), Jonah Matranga (Far, New End Original, Onelinedrawing, Gratitude, I Is Another), Ari Hest, Solea (feat. members of Texas Is The Reason, Samiam), Kevin Devine, Chamberlain, Hoch/Tief, Dear Lions (feat. Members of Split Lip, Chamberlain), Office Of Future Plans (feat. members of Burning Airlines, Jawbox, Channels, Kerosene 454), Skeleton Key, Dreamtigers (feat. members of Defeater, Caspian, Balmohea and Polar Bear Club), Channels (feat. members of Office Of Future Plans, Jawbox, Kerosene 454 Burning Airlines), San Angelus (feat. members of Sparkmarker, Pelican, Shift, Æges, Undertow, Narrows, Tusk, Lair Of The Minotaur, Strain, Dust Moth) and Baja.

Please check out the auctions of records from not so well known artists as well – they are really great and definitely worth a bid! Music can be checked out at our website. We will post news, pics and infos via our Facebook page, our twitter account and our instagram page – feel free to follow us! Thanks!

Please support us and help us by spreading the word, making a bid, posting the news, whatever you are able to do.
Let’s do this. Thanks a lot.


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