OSWEGO – 2xLP out early 2015

GROUP1-kleinWe are very happy and proud to announce another record that means a lot to us to be released on Arctic Rodeo. If you are familiar with our label and the music we put out, you probably know we are big fans of the D.C. independent music scene and the bands and labels connected to it. As a part of this scene, OSWEGO is one great band that used to be around 15 years ago and that has not been taken notice of as much as we think it should have. They got together after the former amazing bands Kerosene 454 and The Most Secret Method (who both had been totally underrated as well) had broken up. OSWEGO have released one EP in 2000 and one album in 2002, both recorded at the legendary Inner Ear studios with J Robbins and out on the Spanish label BCore. J Robbins, who also recorded the albums of Kerosene 454 and The Most Secret Method, was joined by Darren Zentek, the drummer in Kerosene 454 and OSWEGO, in his latest bands Channels and Office Of Future Plans.

We think OSWEGO definitely deserve more attention of you fine folks out there. If you like the sound of the Dischord scene, the works of J Robbins and the bands mentioned above, maybe mixed with the sound of bands like Karate, OSWEGO have made their songs for you. Since the band’s music has never been out on vinyl so far, we think it is a great idea to re-release an OSWEGO collection on wax. We talked to the band about making this happen, and we are totally stoked they were into it right away. Further than that, we will also be able to include previously unreleased OSWEGO music on this upcoming release, all songs are going to be re-mixed by J Robbins as well as re-mastered. As a result, Arctic Rodeo will be able to offer a double vinyl LP set + CD to you – including all songs the band has ever recorded and with a new and better sound. Out in early 2015.

Thanks a lot for reading this, being interested and supporting our ideas. We highly appreciate it.

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