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ABLE BAKER FOX return with new album “Visions”

        A lot has happenend at Arctic Rodeo since we had the pleasure and honor to release “Voices”, the debut album by an outstanding US band called ABLE BAKER FOX. Still, we remember very well how psyched

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HOCH/TIEF – “Detroit-> Stuttgart” – vinyl delayed

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has preordered the vinyl LP “Detroit->Stuttgart” of HOCH/TIEF, our friends from Stuttgart, Germany. We are very sorry the bad news, but unfortunately we have received a message from our pressing

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Sometimes there are these special moments that make you realize: There is something really extraordinary going on, something that needs your support and participation, something you would like to be a part of, something you feel the need to spread

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HOCH/TIEF – “Detroit->Stuttgart” LP+MP3/CD/digital out May 19

Back in the days, when the members of Hoch/Tief started practicing together, Nirvana started becoming so incredibly successful, and the year turned out to go down in music history as “The Year that Punk Broke” . A lot has broken

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IT’S NOT NOT – “Fool the Wise” LP out Nov 11

It's Not Not

So here comes another ship sailing straight towards the harbour of Arctic Rodeo, being given a warm welcome and making this little record label very proud to announce the band’s new release: November 11, IT’S NOT NOT from Barcelona will

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OSWEGO – Reviving the Master Tapes with a Food Dehydrator. A story by J Robbins.

The preorder of the OSWEGO 2xLP is now up! We are offering different variants and limited bundles including an exclusive OSWEGO T-shirt which will be only available until June 20. The T-shirts will be made on demand for you folks

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OSWEGO – 2×12“ (Kerosene 454, The Most Secret Method) – out July 8


It is finally going to happen! Fans of bands such as Kerosene 454, Jawbox or The Dismemberment Plan, make sure you get ready for this one: Originally released on Bcore from Spain in 2000, the complete discography of OSWEGO from

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ATOMS AND VOID – “And Nothing Else” – out May 20

Atoms and Void

The origins of ATOMS AND VOID can be traced back to the early-90s, when Carstens first heard TALK TALK’s ‘Spirit of Eden’ and ‘Laughing Stock’. Being a member of the band JUNO, he felt like starting a new band one

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BARRELS – “Invisible” out March 24

The next Arctic Rodeo release is in the pipeline: We are very excited to post this first announcement of the Hamburg based band BARRELS going to put out its debut album in March 2016. Well, what can I say….. this

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DARIA with J. ROBBINS – European tour

The release of DARIA’s “Impossible Colours” is coming closer: The new album of the French four piece will be out on Arctic Rodeo January 29th 2016. The band from Angers in France has recorded its fourth album together with independent

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