It took us quite a while to set things up, but we are very glad things have finally worked out and we are ready to present Vol. 2 of the charity project PLANET HOME SERIES we have started last year together with amazing friends and artists.

Working on Vol. 1 was just incredible and such a special and wonderful release to work on. We are very grateful so many great people supported it and helped collecting some money for the charity organization TERRE DES HOMMES. So first of all we would like to thank everyone for all the great support.

We decided to donate all proceeds of PLANET HOME SERIES VOL. 2 to the biggest heroes of our time – people who help where nobody else helps, people who go where nobody else goes (anymore), to forgotten places and ignored crisis areas all over the world, to help the poorest and the weakest: DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.

So what do we have here? According to Vol. 1, we have 4 artists/bands, each performing 2 exclusive tracks for this 4×7″ set. Each 7″ will be packed in a beautiful natural cardboard folder donated by PAPIER UNION, processed by DRUCKEREI IN ST. PAULI, and designed and screenprinted by the hands our friend Alex Hanke at ZUM HEIMATHAFEN. The whole set comes with a CD and is going to be packed in perfectly sized tote bag screenprinted by hand at SHIRTMANUFAKTUR.

We are proud of ROCKY VOTOLATO being a part of this release with 2 exclusive songs, and the fantastic DREAMTIGERS (members of Defeater, Caspian, Polar Bear Club, Balmorhea) with their first 2 new songs since their amazing debut album we have released in 2014. Furthermore, we super excited to have J ROBBINS involved again, performing 2 acoustic versions of the JAWBOX songs “Spoiler” and “68” together with Gordon Withers and Brooks Harlan of War On Women. Last, but not least, we are honored to have BOB NANNA (of Braid, Hey Mercedes and The City On Film) contributing 2 exclusive tracks to this charity set, including a cover of “Smallpox Champion” by Fugazi.

This charity set will be up for preorder November 15, the release date is December 15. We will also offer a bundle of this set together with 4 LPs of our back catalogue at a very special price. All proceeds will be donated. Oh, and we also have copies of PLANE HOME SERIES Vol. 1 left in stock and a bundle special offer available as well.

So…. all there is left to say is: please help and purchase this, thank you for your support and all the best!

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