KNAPSACK – vinyl re-releases delayed


We are very sorry having to tell you folks that due to technical problems during the manufacturing and too little capacities at our pressing plant because of this bizarre thing called Record Store Day, unfortunately our re-release of the KNAPSACK vinyl LPs will be delayed. We have just received the info that the LPs won’t be ready on time.

If you have ordered records from us before, you know that this usually does not happen at Arctic Rodeo. We always try to ship all pre-orders around one week before release date. However, we are afraid this time it won’t work out. The delay won’t be too long though, we guess probably around 2 weeks. So please expect your pre-order hopefuelly to be shipped around end of May.

The limited handmade ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES package is already in the works, and if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you have probably seen that our friend Alex has already made the great looking screen prints.

Once again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience and would like to apologize for the bad news. But we are sure it will be worth the wait.

Pressing infos:
KNAPSACK – “Silver Sweepstakes” – LP+CD (arr057)
KNAPSACK – “Day Three Of My New Life” – LP+CD (arr058)
KNAPSACK – “This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now” – LP+CD (arr059)” – LP+CD (arr057)

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