CHANNELS – 2 free tracks for one week only!

channels_BW-kleinWe are super proud to present the vinyl re-releases by the amazing CHANNELS to be officially out today! Both records have never been released on vinyl so far, so we think it is definitely about time. All pre-orders have been shipped, so if you have purchased the records, you should either already have received your order or expect it to arrive very soon!

In case you don’t know the band, we would like to take this opportunity to give away two songs to you folks for free so you can check CHANNELS out and figure out how brilliant they are. This offer will be available for one week only. Go here and download for free:
CHANNELS – “To Mt. Wilson From The Magpie Cage” (taken from “Open”)
CHANNELS – “Lucky Lamb” (taken from “Waiting For the Next end Of The World”)

CHANNELS are Darren Zentek, Janet Morgan and J Robbins. You might know J Robbins as a musician, producer and engineer (he has worked with bands such as Pilot To Gunner, The Promise Ring, Kerosene 454, Jets to Brazil, Braid, Retisonic, Texas Is the Reason, Garrison, The Sword, Bluetip, Clutch and many others), and his other bands such as Government Issue, jawbox, Burning Airlines and Office Of Future Plans. Darren Zentek used to play in the fantastic Kerosene 454 and is a part of Office Of Future Plans as well.

Pressing infos:

CHANNELS – “Open” – vinyl 10″ + CD + insert
– 100 copies on clear vinyl
– 200 copies on gold/white vinyl
– 200 copies on white/silver/blue vinyl

CHANNELS – “Waiting For The Next End Of The World” – Vinyl LP + CD + 4 page folded insert + poster
– 100 copies on pink/red vinyl
– 200 copies on green/black vinyl
– 200 copies on yellow/red vinyl

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