I Hate Our Freedom

Ihateourfreedom_01_kleinThis is very simple. Members of Garrison, Texas Is the Reason, Thursday and Milhouse. This is the straight-up no frills, 4-white-guys-with-guitars, canbeered and duct-taped rock we were all going deaf to before we got into girls. We’re not gonna change shit, neither is your band, everybody come on up front—this is a rock show, you’re welcome …

I Hate Our Freedom:
Joseph Grillo – vocals, guitar
Justin Scurti – guitar
Scott Winegard – bass
Tucker Rule – drums


Arctic Rodeo releases:
I HATE OUR FREEDOM – “This Year’s Best Disaster” – CD / LP+CD (arr040)
I HATE OUR FREEDOM – “Seriously” – LP+CD (arr024)
I HATE OUR FREEDOM – “Batting Practice/Never Promise Crazy a Baby” – vinyl 7″ (arr023)