Pilot To Gunner

PilotToGunner_Pic01Hail Hallucinator is our fourth record, and it may only be here because we all got locked indoors for half the year in 2020. We didn’t really plan on making a 4th record. But writing songs was one of the few fun things to do at the time. And the space was one of the only places we could all go hang out. So, we booked some time with J Robbins (obviously) and started writing songs and digging up existing ones, at home and in the room.

This is the 3rd record we’ve made with J (Dismemberment Plan, Against Me!, Shiner). It’s our 2nd with Arctic Rodeo Recordings (Walter Schreifels, Garden Variety, Jawbox), who will be handling vinyl. It’s also our second with Thirtysomething Records (Appleseed Cast, Far, Superbloom), who are dropping it on cassette.

Scott V Padden and Patrick Hegarty are, as always, holding it down on vocals and guitars. This is our first record (finally!) with our longtime bandmate Gregg Giuffre (Hunters) on drums, and we brought in Eric Odness (Chariots, Primitive Weapons, Ageist) to play bass, finish the songwriting, and throw some harmonies in there.

We put a bunch of songs together, and wrote one, the opener, down at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore. Dan Coutant mastered it like the pro he is at his Sun Room Audio (War On Women, Chamberlain, Bob Nanna). We enlisted the help of Portland-based painter and printmaker Josh Keyes to provide the album and single art.

Ten songs, around 30 minutes, enjoy.

-Pilot to Gunner

Arctic Rodeo releases:
PILOT TO GUNNER – “Guilty Guilty – 2023 re-issue” – LP / digital (arr092)Arctic Rodeo releases:
PILOT TO GUNNER – “Hail Hallucinator” – LP / digital (arr088)
PILOT TO GUNNER – “Get Saved” – LP+CD (arr053)
PILOT TO GUNNER – “Guilty Guilty” – CD / LP+CD / digital (arr041)