Joshua_Choices_FotoIt was the 90’s … and the upstate NY post-punk band JOSHUA was at the top of their game. They had just recorded a debut full length album with J. ROBBINS (JAWBOX, THE PROMISE RING, JETS TO BRAZIL, TEXAS IS THE REASON) at legendary Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA (FUGAZI, BRAID). Their debut EP for indie superpower Doghouse Records had sold over 5000 copies with little marketing support and only sporadic live appearances. They were handpicked to support one of indie rocks most publicized and anticipated tours that year featuring THE GET UP KIDS and AT THE DRIVE IN, followed by trips to Japan and Europe as headliners. Could a band be anymore poised for overwhelming success?

Unfortunately from there, things took a downward turn. Difficulties keeping a consistent lineup began to plague them, and although their followers were many and loyal, JOSHUA decided to call it quits in 2002. To this day, they are consistently recognized for having resonated with thousands of fans throughout the globe in their brief five year history. Not to mention, they have been cited by many of today’s most successful bands and artists as having a lasting influence on their music (THURSDAY, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, SAY ANYTHING and NEW FOUND GLORY have all mentioned them in television and print interviews).

Enter the present, and JOSHUA frontman Dan Coutant’s decision to approach the members of the band and ask them to make music again. The songs came together almost instantly and in the spirit of the ultimate “do-over”, they headed to the doorstep of Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore to work with J. ROBBINS on the albums basic tracks.

Gone too soon but now back and stronger than before, JOSHUA brings you “Choices” … nine soul searching, guitar driven, melodic and hook laden tracks that are not only refreshingly unique, but radiate sincerity and the commitment to making the record that will redefine and strengthen what JOSHUA means to indie music. It is easily their strongest contribution, and the answer to those who asked what became of their favorite band all those years ago.

Dan Coutant: vocals, guitar.
Keith Bogart: guitar.
Sean Hansen: bass, vocals.
Shane Chikeles: drums.

Arctic Rodeo releases:
JOSHUA – “Choices” – CD / LP+CD (arr031)
JOSHUA / NIGHTMARES FOR A WEEK – “There Are No Rules / Doomsday Party” – split 7″ (arr029)