ARR026_HT_FotoPresse_kleinBack in the days, when the members of Hoch/Tief started practicing together, Nirvana started becoming so incredibly successful, and the year turned out to go down in music history as “The Year that Punk Broke”.

A lot has broken since then, but the friendship of the folks Heimbach, Koch, and Trinkl did not. They simply kept on playing together, released several formidable records with several different projects under several different names, played lots of shows – never searching for the big breakthrough but keeping up the fun and passion for rocking together.

The roots of their style is located in a time when emocore was more like an attitude than one kind of a hairstyle. Over the years, the band kept on developping its music and opening their minds for new and old influences.

So here comes the latest output, the band’s new album “Detroit->Stuttgart”. It makes you experience a new level of what the band calls “rock with heart”, fluffy and filigree sounding, recorded by Derek von Krogh, producer of Germany’s legendary star singer Nena.

The concept behind the lyrics is based on impressions gained from two USA roundtrips, and proves itself to be very newsworthy – even though this was not inteneded.

Playing together for more than 25 years means playing tight, playing well, concentrating on the essential, and straight and fresh rocking. It probably has nothing to do with Teen Spirit. But it has to do with spirit for sure.

Jochen Heimbach – bass
Ingo Koch – drums
Stephan Trinkl – guitars, vocals

Arctic Rodeo releases:
HOCH/TIEF – “Hoch/Tief” – CD / LP+CD (arr026)
HOCH/TIEF – “Detroit-Stuttgart” – CD / LP+MP3 (arr067)