VS_ROME_Foto01vs.ROME are kicking Indie’s ass. US-Indie, that is. It fits them better than the Brit sound. vs.ROME offer melodies reminding of Chokebore or Girls vs. Boys. They also offer noise, and the obvious amount of heaviness present is being imposed on them by their personal musical influences: Hardcore, Dischord, even Metal. There are also hooks and melodies to remember, and where those may come from after such influences, know one knows. Still, almost every song has them. vs.ROMEs music comes to life between Cologne and the Ruhr Area, which fits: cleverness – and then lots of dirt shoveled on top. What’s interesting about this band is not some musical genre they might fit in, it is the influence each of the members brings along, and the combination of those. When everyone in the band knows what he wants, he had enough time to figure out what he certainly does not want. With vs.ROME, it’s exactly like that. Each member brings years of experience in being in a band with him, and only together they can create a song. There is no other way. Nothing is being created in just one head, and if so, it is not yet a vs.ROME song.

The debut album “The End Is Important In All Things” consists of ten songs – recorded with known producer Kurt Ebelhäuser from Blackmail fame and also in Berlin with Tobias Siebert who produced Kettcar, his own band Klez.e and Phillip Boa to name a few. Again, a choice like that shows how little genre limitations or signature sounds mean to the band. The only things of importance to them is heaviness, the experiment with it, and their own vision of a good song. Recently, vs.ROME recorded the song “A Landslide” together with Markus Schlichtherle (who also worked with German band Madsen). Along with the track “I’m Thinking: No!”, “A Landslide” will exclusively be on a vinyl seven inch to be released before the album which it will not be part of. With the exclusive track and seven inch, the band would like to thank their fans who are eagerly anticipating an album since 2008.

Menny – bass/backing vocals
Philipp Welsing – guitar
Eike Jamelle – drums/backing vocals
Arne Jamelle – guitar
Benjamin Mirtschin – vocals

Arctic Rodeo releases:
VS.ROME – “The End Is Important In All Things” – CD / LP+CD (arr028)
VS.ROME – “I’m Thinking: No!/A Landslide” – vinyl 7″ (arr022)