Jonah Matranga

Jonah_Studio_websiteThe debut album from JONAH MATRANGA released by Arctic Rodeo Recordings was recorded by his labelmate IAN LOVE (RIVAL SCHOOLS, BURN, DIE 116, CARDIA) who also plays guitar on the album called AND. Ian Love, who plays as a solo artist (his album was also released by Arctic Rodeo Recordings), co-produced the album and also plays guitar on it. He was noted for his recent work with Earl Greyhound ans Walking Concert. Further, SAMMY SIEGLER (YOUTH OF TODAY, CIV, RIVAL SCHOOLS) is playing drums on the recording.
Jonah Matranga and his art are essentially unclassifiable. His music lies somewhere in between Elliott Smith, U2 and Cheap Trick, but it doesn’t really fit into any genre.
Over the last 15 years, he’s fronted hard rock bands (Far, Gratitude) and made classic indie records (onelinedrawing, New End Original). He’s made records with budgets ranging from $300 to $300,000.
Jonah has influenced artists from Deftones to Blink-182, but he sounds nothing like either of them. He’s toured with artists from The Weakerthans to Sepultura, and has respect from people all over the music world. He’s recently turned up on hip-hop records from Fort Minor and Lupe Fiasco.
Jonah has played as many house shows as he has huge festivals, and he brings the same thing regardless of where he’s playing — accomplished, ambitious songwriting, an abundance of wit and honesty, and an interest in making something new every time.
There is no one quite like Jonah.

“In numbers: 15 years, 4 band names, 6-full lengths, 5 EPs, a few splits, several comps, 100+ songs, 1000+ shows. Sinead O’Connor meets Cheap Trick. Zeppelin are the rulers. Neil Young is a huge hero for the chances he’s taken. Anyone that takes chances, be it Prince, PE, Fugazi, Sinead, Miles, Dylan… I love that, that is what inspires me. I am a mess of art-school ideals and populist sentiment, and I love that paradox. I’m okay with (and happy about) being considered influential in the context of post-hardcore, anti-macho rock, but I take no responsibility for McEmo as it generally manifests today. I deplore the commodification of sincerity, and big budgets to make people look/sound ‘authentic’. If I go there, it’s real, not a clever put-on. Bands have been a tough one. Far was a good growing up. New End and Gratitude were nightmares in many ways, though I’m really proud of the songs and the shows. It taught me finally that while I love rock, I can’t do it in a traditional, ‘band’ way. I’m not good at it, and I don’t like it. Nothing special about playing guitar, it’s about what you put into it. I still love singing, and am overwhelmed regularly listening to music. I am an utter rock geek, an art idealist, and I absolutely believe in the transformative, transcendent power of rocking the fuck out. Rocking the fuck out is in no way tied to volume or mood, it’s just letting go.”
– Jonah, Jan2006, San Francisco.

Jonah Sonz Matranga – Songs I Hope My Mom Will Like (1994) (cassette)
Jonah Matranga – Jonah’s One-Line Drawing (1998) (cassette)
onelinedrawing – Sketchy EP #1 (1999)
onelinedrawing – Sketchy EP #2 (2000)
onelinedrawing/Sense Field – Split EP (2000)
onelinedrawing – Always New Jan-Jun 2000 (online 2000, CD 2001)
onelinedrawing – Always New Jul-Dec 2000 (online 2000, CD 2002)
onelinedrawing – Always New 2001 (2001) (online)
onelinedrawing/Rival Schools – Rival Schools United by Onelinedrawing (2001)
onelinedrawing – Visitor (2002 Jade Tree)
onelinedrawing – The Volunteers (2004 Jade Tree)
Jonah Matranga – There’s A Lot In Here DVD (2005)
Jonah Matranga – Sketchy EP #3 (2005)
Jonah Matranga – There’s A Lot In Here CD+DVD (2006 Equal Vision)
Far – Sweat A River, Live No Lies (1991) (cassette)
Far – Listening Game (1992)
Far – Quick EP (1994)
Far – Tin Cans With Strings To You (1996 Epic/Immortal)
Far – Soon EP (1997 Epic/Immortal)
Far – Water & Solutions (1998 Epic/Immortal)
New End Original – Lukewarm single (2001 Jade Tree)
New End Original – Thriller (2001 Jade Tree)
Gratitude – Gratitude (2005 Atlantic)

Arctic Rodeo releases:
JONAH MATRANGA – “And” – CD / LP / Special CD Edition (arr005)