KNAPSACK - Bundle Package - 3 LPs + 3 CDs (Zum Heimathafen Art Series)

3 Vinyl LPs + 3 CDs + art print + exclusive personalized box packaging (ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES #3) - OUT OF PRINT!




3 Vinyl LPs + 3 CDs
limited pressings of 400 copies on exclusive vinyl colors

exclusive art print screenprinted and numbered by hand at Zum Heimathafen
exclusive handmade personalized box packaging with your name on it, designed by Zum Heimathafen
IMPORTANT: please let us know if you want some else's name on the box!

The ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES is a strictly limited first pressing series of our vinyl releases. Our vinyl records can be pre-ordered as a strictly limited package including the vinyl release on a special vinyl color plus an exclusive art which is screenprinted and numbered by the hands of our friend Alex from Zum Heimathafen. These are early-bird-one-time pressings, so once they are sold out, no more copies will be available. The ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES are only available at our webstore and at the German mailorder Flight 13. If you want us to keep you posted about timings and further infos, please folllow us at Twitter, via Facebook or drop us a line to

KNAPSACK - Silver Sweepstakes
exclusive pressing on silver vinyl
01. Cellophane 
02. Trainwrecker 
03. Effortless 
04. Fortunate and Holding 
05. Casanova 
06. Makeshift 
07. Centennial 
08. Symmetry
09. True to Form 
10. Addressee
11. Silver Sweepstakes

KNAPSACK - Day Three Of My New Life
exclusive pressing on clear/orange marbled vinyl
01. Thursday Side Of The Street
02. Courage Was Confused 
03. Decorate The Spine 
04. Diamond Mine
05. Simple Favor
06. Boxing Gloves
07. Henry Hammers Harder
08. Perfect
09. Heart Carved Tree 
10. Steeper Than We Thought

KNAPSACK - This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now
exclusive pressing on white/yellow marbled vinyl
01. Katherine The Grateful 
02. Change Is All The Rage 
03. Shape Of The Fear 
04. Cold Enough To Break 
05. Skip The Details 
06. Arrows To The Action
07. Cinema Stare
08. Hummingbirds
09. Balancing Act 
10. Please Shut Off The Lights