New Freedom Sound

New Freedom SoundEight Freedoms gathers the first completed works in an ongoing series composed by Zach Barocas. Initially devised from beats and recurring vocal harmonies, these pieces grow according to their own perceived need, inspired along the way by the contributions and interpretations of New Freedom Sound’s collaborators.

By turns reminiscent of jazz, incantation, popular song, free music, new classical, and Barocas’s own unique approach to rhythmic gravity and device, these Freedoms strive for ecstatic formulation, spontaneity, exuberance, beauty, and evolution.


Zach Barocas: drums, percussion, voices, claps
Mark Cisneros: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, trombone, percussion
J. Robbins: piano, electric piano, organ
Gordon Withers: cello
Lenny Young: oboe

Arctic Rodeo release:
NEW FREEDOM SOUND – “Eight Freedoms” 2xLP/digital (arr089)