Foxhall Stacks

FoxhallStacks_FotoFoxhall Stacks could technically be called a supergroup, and for many reasons. The band is a veritable who’s who of essential punk, post-punk, and 90’s power pop, with a family tree that includes Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Government Issue, Minor Threat, Velocity Girl, Wool, and many others. Plus – to take that term more literally – they are simply a freakin’ awesome band.

But between four guys who have been in the music business as long as they have (what would this be, 100+ years combined experience?) it’s hard to believe they would want Foxhall Stacks referred to as a supergroup. First of all, that’s kind of a lame term. Second, with riffs recalling AC/DC or Matthew Sweet and vocal melodies echoing the Posies or Big Star, Foxhall Stacks doesn’t want to mislead anyone. They don’t really sound ANYTHING like their previous bands.

Their self-penned description offers a little more insight: “70’s power pop drenched in 80’s punk.” There’s no doubt that the chaotic punk mentality is still there, albeit more in the subject matter of the lyrics. Fans expecting that in the music itself might be surprised to be greeted with full-on Cheap Trick/Replacements/Big Star-influenced power pop tunes on that first click.

As the lead single off of their stunning debut album, “The Coming Collapse”, “Turntable Exiles” acts as the perfect introduction to what Foxhall Stacks is all about and pairs their uncanny sense for melody with a strong punk mentality. It’s a more mature interpretation on the ideals of punk, channeling them in a way that sets it apart from “punk rock”.

That’s one of the best things about Foxhall Stacks – they remind us that punk is best suited as an idea, not a genre of music. That music is a template to which ideas are applied, not the other way around. Everyone always refers to Minutemen as one of the early indie punk bands, but because they played Creedence and funk covers and basically whatever they wanted, they made a lot of the so-called “punks” mad. But isn’t that the most punk thing ever?

So please, throw all of your expectations out the window in order to enjoy Foxhall Stacks to the fullest possible extent. They have a lot to offer – tight, smart songwriting with infectious hooks and intricate vocal harmonies, all wrapped up in a passion for the punk/DIY aesthetic.

Cameron Hawk
Wind Bender Management

The Foxhall Stacks are
Bill Barbot: vocals and guitars
Jim Spellman: guitars and backing vocals
Peter Moffett: drums, percussion, and backing vocals
Brian Baker: bass guitar

Relased by Snappy Little Numbers & available from Arctic Rodeo:
FOXHALL STACKS – “The Coming Collapse” – LP (SLN-152)