BURNING AIRLINES – Deluxe 3xLP Package + MP3 + additional fan specials (arr073)

Burning Airlines
Burning Airlines
Burning Airlines
Burning Airlines
Burning Airlines
Burning Airlines
Burning Airlines
Burning Airlines

Release date: 04/27/2018

Deluxe 3xLP Set
All LPs on blue vinyl
Exclusive special packaging screenprinted by hand at Zum Heimathafen
New and re-designed artworks and inserts
Including MP3 download card
Plus additional fan specials

Limited pressing of 500 copies

Limited pre-order bundle incl. exclusive T-shirt made of organic cotton, printed by hand at Shirtmanufaktur and manufactured under Fair Wear conditions and at Earth Positive standards. Design by Zum Heimathafen. Made on demand and only available until April 10 2018.


BURNING AIRLINES – Mission: Control!

    1. Carnival
    2. Wheaton Calling
    3. Pacific 231
    4. Scissoring
    5. The Escape Engine
    6. (my pornograph)
    7. Meccano
    8. 3 Sisters
    9. Flood of Foreign Capital
    10. Crowned
    11. Sweet Deals on Surgery
    12. I Sold Myself In
    13. – Hidden Track –
    14. Back Of Love (bonus track)


    1. Outside The Aviary
    2. Morricone Dancehall
    3. A Lexicon
    4. The Deluxe War Baby
    5. A Song With No Words
    6. All Sincerity
    7. The Surgeon’s House
    8. Everything Here Is New
    9. Paper Crowns
    10. Blind Trial
    11. Identikit
    12. Tastykake
    13. Earthbound
    14. Election Night Special
    15. Dear Hilary
    16. Action (bonus track)

BURNING AIRLINES – acoustic performances by J Robbins with Gordon Withers (tracks 1 and 2) and Brooks Harlan (track 1)

    1. Outside the Aviary
    2. The Deluxe War Baby
    3. Three Sisters
    4. Scissoring
    5. Everything Here Is New

Order from Arctic Rodeo (worldwide)
Order from Stickfigure (USA and CAN)

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