Able Baker Fox

AbleBakerFox_Foto It all started with a phone call from Missouri to Michigan. Baseball was originally the subject, but as always, it quickly turned to music. The friendship was forged years ago between Mike Reed and Nathan Ellis when their bands, Small Brown Bike and The Casket Lottery, toured together. But this was today, and the two decided to start from scratch.

The idea was shared with Mike’s former band mates, his brother Ben Reed in Chicago and former SBB drummer Jeff Gensterblum in New York. From there, Able Baker Fox was born. MP3’s were exchanged and soon a marathon practice session in Chicago would result in 11 songs. Able Baker Fox booked a long weekend with Ed Rose at Black Lodge Recordings, and Voices was made official. What started as a phone call about baseball had turned into something much more. One year from its inception, Able Baker Fox was moving ahead.Voices hits on all cylinders and builds on the years of rock the four veterans have behind them. With a trio of singers to draw from, Able Baker Fox use their differences for layers of texture and contrast, melodic, and aggressive guitars and bass for dynamic foundations, rock solid drumming holds it all together. Some songs reflect the foursome’s coming of age in the 90s, while others fill the post-punk pantry that made their previous efforts successful. Eleven songs born of four seasoned songwriters who decided to turn it up, and rip the knob off.

Ben Reed – Vocals + Bass (The Great Sea Serpents, Small Brown Bike)
Mike Reed – Vocals + Guitar (LaSalle, Small Brown Bike)
Nathan Ellis – Vocals + Guitar (Jackie Carol, The Casket Lottery, Coalesce)
Jeff Gensterblum – Drums (The Holy Fire, Small Brown Bike)

Arctic Rodeo Releases
ABLE BAKER FOX – “Voices” – CD/LP+CD (arr009)