HOUSE & PARISH – “One, One-Thousand” – CD / LP+CD (arr006)

Release date: 07/30/2010

CD (edition of 1000 copies)
LP+CD (edition of 501 copies)

  • 195 copies on white vinyl (out of print)
  • 306 copies on black vinyl


  1. Pristine Fields
  2. Summer Programme
  3. This Curse
  4. Standardesque
  5. One, One-Thousand
  6. What Am I Still Waiting For
  7. Palace Envy (bonus track)
  8. What Am I Still Waiting For – Ian Love Remix (bonus track)
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The last two tracks on the vinyl LP pressing are unfortunately incorrect and go a little too slow. For that reason, we add a free CD in a correct version to every vinyl LP. We apologize for any inconvenience.

House & Parish