OSWEGO - s/t (Zum Heimathafen Art Series) +  T-Shirt Maximize

OSWEGO - s/t (Zum Heimathafen Art Series) + T-Shirt

Vinyl 2xLP + MP3 + screenprint (ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES #8) + T-Shirt - OUT OF PRINT

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OSWEGO - s/t (Zum Heimathafen Art Series)
Vinyl 2xLP (green/white/black vinyl) + MP3 + exclusive art print designed, screenprinted and numbered by hand at Zum Heimathafen + T-Shirt
release date: July 8th 2016
limited pressing of 500 copies
- 300 copies on orange/black vinyl
- 200 copies on green/white/black vinyl (exclusively available as ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES #8)
exclusive T-shirt made of organic cotton and manufactured under Fair Wear and Earth Positive conditions, printed by hand at Shirtmanufaktur


01. I'm Merely Roadkill on the Highway of Love
02. Mallet Snare
03. How Come You're Always out of Veggie Patties?
04. Pokin'
05. It's an Eight Hour Drive, I'll Be There in Six and a Half
06. The Taste of Pennsylvania
07. Meat Cleavers Cut Cake Good
08. I Used to Play Drums in Quill
09. Lemonade's Cheap at the Petting Zoo
10. Rumblestiltskin
11. Rubber Bands Sting Like a Son of a Bitch
12. You Ain't Fat, You're Just Husky
13. Taking the Edge Off Walking the Dog
14. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ceiling is Just Getting Warmed Up
15. My Father was a Sailor, But I'm Just a Landlubber