HOCH/TIEF – “Detroit-> Stuttgart” – vinyl delayed

Hoch/Tief First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has preordered the vinyl LP “Detroit->Stuttgart” of HOCH/TIEF, our friends from Stuttgart, Germany.

We are very sorry the bad news, but unfortunately we have received a message from our pressing plant saying that the delivery of the vinyl LP will be delayed. It will only be a few days, but you might receive the LP mid of June latest.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience and will ship all orders as quickly as possible.

We are also offering special price LP and CD bundles – offers you can not refuse, so feel free to swing by and have a look & listen.

“Hurricane” taken from “Detroit->Stuttgart”
“Wolkenhunde” taken from the self titled debut album

The pre-order is now up at our webstore:
HOCH/TIEF – LP “Detroit->Stuttgart” (black vinyl + MP3)
HOCH/TIEF – CD “Detroit->Stuttgart”
HOCH/TIEF – LP bundle “Detroit->Stuttgart” LP (black vinyl + MP3) + “Hoch/Tief” LP (clear/blue/black vinyl + CD)
HOCH/TIEF – CD bundle “Detroit->Stuttgart” + “Hoch/Tief”

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