Hoch/Tief Sometimes there are these special moments that make you realize: There is something really extraordinary going on, something that needs your support and participation, something you would like to be a part of, something you feel the need to spread the word about.

CAMORRA is such a thing. It is a music project bringing together friends who are connected in certain ways, by a feeling grown out of common ideas and a particular felt necessity.

If you know Arctic Rodeo, you know we are close to J Robbins (JAWBOX, BURNING AIRLINES, CHANNELS, OFFICE OF FUTURE PLANS, GOVERMNET ISSUE) and Jonah Matranga (FAR, NEW END ORIGINAL, ONELINEDRAWING, GRATITUDE, I IS ANOTHER). When these two fellows get together for making music, there is no need to mention that this is very special for us.

Joined by Zach Barocas (JAWBOX, BELLS≥) on drums and supported by Janet Morgan (CHANNELS) and members of the incredible bands WAR ON WOMEN and THE PAUSES, CAMORRA became the perfect band for us to work with, giving this wonderful new project and warm and proud welcome to our family.

As for the group’s mission, Katy Otto’s liner notes provide an accurate sense of the protest in CAMORRA‘s music. She writes, “We are a world starving for dignity, empathy, and justice. In order to keep working for these things, our souls need to be shored up. The plaintive songs on this album beg for that, for all of us.”

Let CAMORRA surprise you by the EP they have written and recorded and which we are going to release as vinyl 10″ and digitally on June 30. It will be called “Mourning, Resistance, Celebration”.

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