BARRELS – “Invisible” out March 24

Barrels_Cover The next Arctic Rodeo release is in the pipeline: We are very excited to post this first announcement of the Hamburg based band BARRELS going to put out its debut album in March 2016.

Well, what can I say….. this album is a kind of special for me in two respects. First, because I am playing in this band myself, which makes it a kind of weird to write these lines to you folks. And second, this record turned out to be a kind of a concept album about the loss of my brother who passed away in 2011. During the songwriting process, I figured out that this was the central topic of all the lyrics I had written. So we decided to dedicate “Invisible” to my brother Nicolas officially, which makes this album very extraordinary for me.

BARRELS were started in 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. The love for different kinds of independent rock music made them create their own mixture of Helmet-like grooves, Quicksand-ish chords, Texas-is-Reason-influenced harmonies, always aiming at the right balance between rough sounding energy and harmonic flows. The results have been put to stage opening up for a variety of differently sounding independent bands such as The Appleseed Cast, Karma To Burn, Pilot to Gunner, Quicksand and The Riverboat Gamblers – and all of these combinations actually turned out to work very well.

In May 2015, it was time to push the recording button at Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg. At the recording studio (which many other German bands such as Marathonmann, Escapado, Omega Massif and Long Distance Calling have made their recordings at), 12 songs have been recorded with the help of the fantastic Roland “Role” Wiegner. Dan Coutant mastered the album at Sun Room Audio Studio in Cornwall, New York. Dan, who has also mastered albums by Clutch, Jawbox, Coliseum, The Sword and many others, is a good friend since his band Joshua started working with Arctic Rodeo back in 2011.

The result of all the work is called “Invisible” and will be out on vinyl March 24th 2016. The pre-order will be up February 26th.

– Frederic

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