DARIA with J. ROBBINS – European tour

SOUTHERLY_Foto_01The release of DARIA’s “Impossible Colours” is coming closer: The new album of the French four piece will be out on Arctic Rodeo January 29th 2016.

The band from Angers in France has recorded its fourth album together with independent icon J. Robbins at his studio Magpiecage in Baltimore. J. Robbins, well known for his bands Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels and Office Of Future Plans, as well as for many independent recordings of hardcore- rock- and indie-bands such as The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Braid, Retisonic, Texas Is the Reason, Garrison, Bluetip, Clutch and The Sword, hasn’t only produced “Impossible Colours”. He has also supported DARIA by playing with them on this album and becoming an unofficial fift band member on “Impossible Colours”. J Robbins is a good friend of DARIA for several years, his band Office Of Future Plans also released a split 7″ with DARIA on the US label Lovitt Records in 2014.

“Impossible Colours” will be out on LP incl. CD, on CD and as digital download. One album track is already available now: DARIA present one first song called “Margins” in a pretty nice and colourful video clip which can and should be checked out here. The album is available for per-order here

Furthermore, we are looking forward to a very special tour: DARIA will be playing several shows in Europe, joined by the one and only J. Robbins himself. J. will open up for DARIA playing a solo set, but he will also support his friends on their shows as an additional band member. This is going to be insane.

Here are the dates:

02/10 Nantes (F) – La Scéne Michelet
02/11 Paris (F) – Le Gibus Club
02/12 Périgueux (F) – L’Ecume des jours
02/13 Angers (F) – Chabada
02/14 Exeter (UK) – Tavern Club
02/15 Münster (GER) – Gleis 22
02/16 Braunschweig (GER) – Riptide Café
02/17 Berlin (GER) – Trickster

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